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Yesterday was such a gorgeous day. I think my favorite kind of days are the ones that come in spring, when it rains in the morning, but it's sunny in the afternoon. The sun is shining, the air is humid but not hot, there are lots of pretty puddles everywhere. It's my favorite kind of weather. We usually don't start getting days like that until late April, but yesterday was just like that. I don't like what that forebodes for the summer, but I'll enjoy this weather as long as I can.

The other thing I really like is when trees are flowering, which they haven't *quite* done yet. The cherry blossoms should be especially pretty this year, though.

It's funny how much of a difference weather can make on somebody's mood and efficiency. For the last two weeks, when it's been cold, I haven't been to the gym, been really behind on work, and generally in a low mood. But now the weather is getting warmer, it's beautiful outside, I'm just back from the gym, and I'm caught up on almost everything and moving ahead in the things I still have to do. Is it bad that I find myself really amusing sometimes?
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